Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Quest Begins

And with the click of 'send,' my paper was off and I was done with summer classes-

now for summer vacation!

I'm no longer in Russia, no longer a traveling vagabond- although I've recently been reconsidering my homelessness state- I don't think thats a very accurate term to describe me-

I've unpacked my bags and am starting to unpack my heart.

My house is lovely, really it is. I've spend the days since I arrived finishing my class, scrubbing down the kitchen and the bathroom, washing things, and basking in the love of my friends who I missed more than words can say. Last night there was a mother-big-bug on my bed and I freaked out. It took a while to fall asleep, because I was so paranoid its friends were going to crawl into my ears and lay babies under my nails. Whenever I felt something, I immediately jumped up, a few times even after I'd fallen asleep. I'm happy to say, after being awake an hour today, there are no signs of brain damage from millipedes gnawing on my brain.

Today I'm going to Indy and will stay there for 9 hours. Maybe I'll get to see "Underdog"... :-)


Listening to: Counting Crows

1 comment:

Hombreverde said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to watch Underdog....I used to read the comic when I was in Argentina.


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