Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hair! (and lack thereof)

I have short hair!  Yesterday (yes, yesterday), I was talking with some of my girl cousins about our hair and decided to get a hair cut- and try to donate as much as I could.  This morning I did a bit of research and decided on donating to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. 

Before I get to all the pictures, I just want to say that it is surprisingly simple to donate hair to be made into wigs.  I decided on Beautiful Lengths because it provides free wigs for women with cancer.  There are other great organization who specialize in making wigs for other groups, such as children and those with alopecia.  I wanted to get my hair cut by a woman who runs a salon out of her home, but I wasn't sure if she needed to be registered or something.  The truth is that anyone can send in hair.  There are some requirements, such as having long hair (8-10 inches minimum), and it can't have been bleached.  The requirements for Beautiful Lengths in the US can be found here

And so, here is the photographic evidence...

Before... it was really long

Cutting of the ponytail... 10 inches!

Then, I put the hair in an envelope and mailed it off! (Tommy wrote the note)

New hair!

Seriously, this was the easiest thing.  I already wanted to get my hair cut, so I just decided to make it a little shorter and was able to help someone in the process.  Ladies, get growing!

Oh and of course... I had to have a little photoshoot when I got home :-)


Anglo-phone-home said...

Wow, you did have a fair bit of (fair) hair to spare! (sorry, couldn't help myself.)

I meant to donate my hair when I had it cut... three years ago. Still haven't got round to it, although I still have the hair sitting forlornly in a plastic bag. Must do something about that.

Leah said...

aahhhh love it :)

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful and so natural! If you look like your mom, it's definitely not because of your hair! Love from the photographer...


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