Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hawaiian Pizza

Sometimes I get the feeling that my role as friend to many of us from an international background is to protect them from the people who will exploit their very existence as internationals in order to "raise support" for some heartbreaking cause or to satisfy an ignorant mind.

Just a though. I'm not really mad about anything, but I don't think that less than 3% of our student population should be responsible for making this school a more diverse and internationally flavored place.

I'm working steadily on my Theory Notebook: Marx. Almost done with the questions section- well I need to be by the end of today, and then the rest will get done tomorrow and Thursday morning, I suppose. There's a pesky book report for my IS due tomorrow and in general my senior thesis stuff isn't really going anywhere due to the notebook. I started tutoring yesterday and that's pretty much a blast. I really need to brush up on 8th grade Algebra...

MuKappa is going better than any other year I've been on cabinet. The retreat was awesome and because of a strong start to this school year, I think all our activities are going to be well-attended. I had this idea last fall about people, on cabinet anyway, going out of their way more to have activities and do the facilitating of good times thing on their own without cabinet needing to approve and complicate everything.

Let me tell you, that was one frustrating fall. I'm not sure if it was people on cabinet, or the Soupies, or what, but I felt like most people on cabinet weren't willing to do stuff like that and I appeared like all I ever did was think about MuKappa. It was so discouraging, especially around the time of the Princess Sleepover. BUT this year is going much better. I'm able to do things like Root Beer Float Fridays and the Souphouse is doing all kinds of stuff, and the Princess Sleepover has evolved into something pretty great with a Warriors Night attached.

All right, enough procrastination. For the next 40 minutes I will ponder nothing more than:

How does Marx differentiate use value, exchange value, and surplus value? What does Marx mean by the “fetish of commodities?”


According to Marx, what is human nature? Alienation? Dialectical view of History?

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Hombreverde said...

"and the Princess Sleepover has evolved into something pretty great with a Warriors Night attached."

Ha whatever...we had warrior's night last year too! Just because we didn't have a facebook group...


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