Monday, November 19, 2007

Я'm in Russia :-)

I got here a few hours ago and it's about 5:45am Indiana time and 1:45pm here... I'm working on my 15 page paper for History of Social Thought. It's due "before Thanksgiving break" and obviously I'm already on break :-D so I'm gonna try to get it in by tomorrow via email. I do have an 8 hour advantage...
This is a satellite picture of Moscow.

The last time I was here it was like 32*C/90*F and I was working on Historic Christian Belief. Now it's -2*C/28*F and I'm working on Hist Soc Thot! Jake and Nancy have homework too so we're all just sitting in the living room with our computers.

There are 6 inches of snow outside. *Grin*


rebecca. said...

i <3 you. a lot. and i'm glad you are excited for the snow... i am too, since i just got my new boots... i'm ready to go! :D

Ian Kee said...

so how come you didn't wanna tell me you were going home to russia???


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