Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Make me some tea and breathe slowly.

I was doing some research on traveling through Europe today and got that feeling again... traveling spirit? Modes of transportation, gifts to give, fashion to observe, food to eat, music to discover, perspectives to change, films to become a part of.

My summer had some very lonely days, but it also had some fantastically independent and exciting moments. I'm in the mood to grab a bag, a photo album, a passport, and a journal and head off into the unknown.

I'm very very very happy to be off to the airport again. I can't forget it that when my mind is being consumed by papers, and tests, and projects, thoughts of "the future," and other socially constructed methods of giving value.

1 comment:

Hombreverde said...

Only 5 more days... :) and :(


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