Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good, but not great.

I'm getting the hang of middle school again- wake up and stumble to get ready, spend half the day zoned out and doing busy work, come home and have a good cry, get over it, have some fun and/or waste time, go to bed, do it again. Meals are optional. It's a good day when exercise is done.

Today was good.

Watching Never Been Kissed tonight with the Soupies brought back floods of memories and this was also good. I didn't do the homework I intended to do, but it's nothing that 3 hours in the library tomorrow won't fix. I just wish there was something more. There are things I'm putting off doing- unpacking for example; cleaning my room; getting my car fixed; going grocery shopping; calling some people, emailing others; studying for the dreaded Saturday exam. I feel locked in a time or place that doesn't really exist and will soon be over. Everyone else seems so free and able to relax, but not me. It feels like I'm trapped in somebody else's life. I'm surviving, whatever that means. Oh well, it's been less than a week- it'll get better.

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