Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Thursday!

I drugged myself last night to go to bed earlier and woke up at 5:30am to do a journal-article review. Four hours of class later, here I am! It's noon on a J-term Thursday, which means I am done with class for the day! I am in the library, going to work on two journals due for class tomorrow. Later I am going to the post office ;-) and grocery shopping. Maybe get my car fixed... how stressful. God is throwing me into all these car situations... first I get used to the idea of buying a new one, and then the old one breaks down... tak, oh well. Tonight I'm hanging out with friends, yayness, and tomorrow is Friday, which is equally positive.

Song of the day:
This won't work now the way it once did
Cuz I want to decide between survival and bliss
Now I know who I'm not
I don't I still don't know who I am
But I know I won't keep on playing the victim

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