Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Rebecca and Dan wimped out on me over an hour ago so I've been here in Union now since a little before 10pm and it's 1am... I finished a cover letter and resume for Writing for Teachers and now I'm working on an annotated bibliography for an Adolescent Psychology paper on adolescents and the effects of media advertising... Good times :-P I got cofffee from the Jumping Bean before it closed. "The Flaming Couch:" cinnamon, ginger spice, espresso, milk. Pretty good :-)

I went to ReaLife tonight and it was amazing. The kids actually behaved quite well and the lesson part was really good (David & Goliath). This is the first time I've been able to go this semester, but actually only the second time we've had it. I drove a van route with a guy from IWU and neither of us really knew where we were going, but we eventually made it and had a full van of kids :-)

Back to work!

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