Friday, June 27, 2008

There's a boy sleeping in my bed

I was indecisive about whether I should start a new blog, given that this is now summer and I'm living a different life. In the past I've done that when I've made significant life changes (ok, just locations). Only, then I realized that I'm STILL IN INDIANA, so the indianaamy thingy still applied. Shamus and yayness.So the boy sleeping in my bed is Jake, мой брат*!!! He drove all night from NC to see me for today, before he's off to Chicago... ah I wish I were going with him!

I had my first Russian test today. I'm B-ish hopeful. I did the bonus, but the essay was pretty awful. I'm going to work on ReoGeo for a bit while, Jakey-poo sleeps off 14 hours of driving through the night.
*My widdle baby brodda! (not literal translation)

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