Tuesday, July 22, 2008


How to make oneself automatically look bohemian artsy and community conscious?

Answer: Be photographed at a Farmer's Market :-D


Ian Kee said...

hey, what's that pin on your bag say? i heart...what?

indiana.amy said...

Sunday School! i got it at the cornerstone music festival a few years ago

Ian Kee said...

nice :D

Michelle said...

I'm glad we made it onto your list of people you like! Hope you are having fun with your mom!

The Inside Center (Matt Cullen) said...

Ames! I'd seems with your newfound kitchen goddess skills you'll make a good wife soon! Also, get the cornfield back!!! That seriously made your whole page, delivering a bold statement on Midwest living, creating thw effect that you were searching through something edible, and turning a thought of subtle irony throughout the reading of your work. How was christine?


--jenna said...

Buying local...someone just told me about a farmer's co-op here in Rio and I'm excited to try it out! Thanks for posting! Keeping in touch for me anymore, unfortunately, has to be via the internet...everyone is so darn international!!! I praise God for facebook and blogger!


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