Thursday, August 28, 2008

The FA1L Apartment

Apparently there is none and will be no internet in Fairlane. Sad story. I've been in the DC for an hour and have seen many people come and go. I think it's supposed to make us come on campus for community. That and no one really cares about Fairlane anymore. Oh and in October they will be tearing down the courtyard, the one I live in. Despite this all, I seriously love living in FA1L. Even having the sign the LTC meeting last night gave me warm community fuzzies. The place I lived last year was all right, but it was a little distant from friends. I haven't been a bridesmaid yet, so this is the semester to work on that. Just kidding. But seriously.

I also got a big group hug from my flatmates last night because I was a bit teary. Lots of love.

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