Sunday, August 3, 2008


I feel bad about blogging when I have so many people to write, but here's the recent news. I'm in Upland now! Rebecca and I are teaching jr high today. I got here last night and we watched a movie and ate cheesecake. We also made the most amazing thai curry chicken wraps. Last week my mom was here and that was pretty awesome. We went to Brown County State park and got lost. I've started wrapping up Russian, with some exams and the talent show on Friday. I was in a skit about bugs and it was awesome. I've been experiencing the college experience I never had going to a small Christian school. It has it's ups and downs. It's almost time to leave for church, so I should find some breakfast. I'm so happy to be going to MAC this morning. I love it there. I can't really explain it. It's a home for me. I think I had a bad dream last night or something, because I feel so 'blah' now. I'm not sure what's up. Probably all the changes of packing up yet once again and being back in Upland. I tend to miss people more here, I've noticed from the five or so trips I've made back up here this summer.

It's a Waterdeep sort of morning:

I woke up from a strange rain And it was dreaming outside I rolled over for the telephone
I thought I’d call someone Tell them I dreamed I had died
But I know that I was all alone
I just get lonely sometimes
I want someone to take away my grief
I just get lonely sometimes
I want to wake up in the morning with someone
Lying next to me who I can turn to for relief
I just get lonely sometimes
But I know I just need You
I probably slept in a bed of bitterness
That’s why I woke up this way
That’s probably why I’m in this lonesome hole
I probably got to needing everything
And needing it today
That’s probably why I play this lonely role
But I know I know I know I just need You


Hombreverde said...

I think the summer Russian program experience is quite different from a normal state school semester.

indiana.amy said...

I have no doubt that's true. But I still enjoy being around older grad students and the different perspectives people have here.


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