Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback: Sept 22, 2004

From my old xanga... there is some interesting foreshadowing here. I know it's long, but it's just so funny to me. Freshman Amy having all new experiences.... Airband, MuKappa Retreat, PickaDates, getting a job...

The main reason for my happinessness is that... MU KAPPA GOT INTO AIRBAND!!! We had to try out tuesday night and we made it! it's so competetive, there were 18 groups and only 10 made it in. I didn't even know how big the event was until that night. It's HUGE! It's the biggest event at Taylor! Plus, its on Homecoming Weekend, so there will be about 1400+ people in the audience! I'm so proud of the group. When I got tired, there was always someone who would say "it's ok I'll reserve the place to practice" or "i'll handle costumes" and on the last night of practice we still hadn't choreographed Naina (me) and Roit and Aman's dances (we changed the song to make it shorter and added a part where Naina dances from one to the other to show her internal struggle... it's beautiful) and this one girl just showed up and had choreographed dances before and helped us and now it's AWESOME! Sometime, if our paths ever cross again, you need to see the video! The actual performance is next Thursday night. I'm So excited about it. And our costumes are just amazing :-) We're the MK group so quite obviously, the kids from Nepal and India were rather helpful with collecting like 3dozen saris and punjabis. There was even a MK guy from Austria who had been one of the 18 guys at a Filipino girl's debut and had a barong and SO that's what Roit's wearing (my idea hehe) and it looks awesome.

There's also a Mu Kappa fall retreat this weekend, which should be alot of fun. I feel like, and I've talked to upperclasswomen who say the same thing, that the whole Airband thing has brought us together so much more than ever and that that's what will make this retreat special. I'm so amazed at how God's already used me in ways I had no idea would affect people. I mean, I'm young, stupid, a freshman, and had alot of time on my hands, so that's why I sort of became in charge of the group. I was so amazed when people actually came to practices and wanted to be a part of it too. I was even more shocked when I found out how big Airband really is and that it was a dream of some people to get into airband with Mukappa (this is the first time EVER mukappa has ever entered) and how excited they were because we got in. I love God... One girl (who ironically enough is going to Faith Academy to do student teaching in October) told me that she had wanted to get in really bad, but thought she would never get to do it, because no one had showed any intrest in it last year when they first saw Kal Ho Na Ho and jokingly had suggested they do a song for airband.
Anyway, enough about Airband :-) I'm just So excited about it~*

O yeah classes are good. Because I am here for classes and not just a social life...right... :-)They're not too hard, I mean not like at Brent where I'd have 3hrs minimum a night of homework. It's so much more convenient to go to the library in between classes and do stuff. I'm working on conquering my greatest fear~* I got a job as a Staff Photographer for the school paper :-) I'm serious, it was the most frightful thing I've ever done. And it still freaks me out to know I have a key to the camera room with like the most expensive cameras I've ever seen and that they trust me to use them and go to like soccer games by myself. And I'm so blessed to get the job, because there's only 2 of us plus the Photo editor and I know of other people who wanted the job. I had 5 assignments this week and a meeting tonight because it's published for tomorrow. I'm so grateful to the photoeditor, he's a guy in my dorm and I was just like "um I really don't know much about this but it's what I want to do and I really want to learn" and he emailed me later and said 'Welcome to the Echo'.

I also found a Church that's really awesome. Just the night before, I was saying to a friend that I haven't had the greatest experience in churches in the States, because none of them were at all like anything I've been to overseas...well the next day I found one! It reminds me a lot of Lighthouse actually. Plus they have their own line of coffee shops :-)

Wow this is getting really long. Basically you may not hear from me for months but then I'll write a reallllyyy long entry :-) Last thing, I promise. At Taylor we have this thing called a Pickadate, where you ask someone to go on like a group date. The floors on dorms organize it and I went on my first one last Saturday... TO THE CIRCUS!!! I was SOOO excited. It was put on by the guy floor in my dorm (called Foso) and, being the exclusivists we are, only asked Gerig girls haha I had a really awesome time. It was in Indy, finally a BIG city!, and we went to a coffee shop/bookstore afterwards...ohh I had such a good time

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