Friday, October 3, 2008


It took me 2 hours to get here, 3.5 counting the drive to Indy. According to though, driving would have taken around 9 hours, and walking would have taken 7 days and 11 hours. I think flying was the way to go, although I'm not entirely opposed to the walking thing someday.

I'm hanging out in Georgia for the weekend with my beloved mother. She's sleeping now, while I finish summaries for Intro to History. She's jetlagged, while I'm just sleep deprived. It's almost time to call it quits for me... We watched the VP debates earlier (we meaning mainly me). Sarah's like your funky aunt. I love that she's the Republican VP nominee. Whatever your opinion of her, there's no denying she was a brilliant pick for McCain. Calling for "Joe Six-Pack" and the "Hockey Moms" to stand up... Neither of which is really me, but apparently my fellow Americans are such people, people who don't seem to get out to the polls much, and if she succeeds in getting them there, I'm happy.

So tomorrow I think we're going to the Gone With the Wind museum and a diner in posh downtown Atlanta, and I'm not really sure what to wear to that. Of course, we need to make a pilgrimage to Target for mama to get supplies to take back to the Rus. That's all. I'm going to bed now. Good night!

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