Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When we grow up... will all my friends be blogs?

poetic justice? peace? nah, it's just lack of sleep that has me subdued lately. i escaped for a while today... some call it procrastinating, but i call teaching a language (which is actually a world), casting an absentee ballot, eating lunch with alana, burning a cd, volunteering at a high school, helping a friend with a sprained ankle, buying groceries, passing out from 4 hours of sleep, sharing the glad news about rsp, and being reminded that we all belong to each other just living.

one more note: escaping is good. getting behind in independent studies is not.

PS. Do you love me? I'm Old Greeegggg!


Ian Kee said...

are you worried that you will lose all your real friends and they will only exist online in the form of blogs?

indiana.amy said...

more so that the only way I'll keep in contact with all my friends from now will be through their blogs in the future


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