Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thoughts on vitamins

Call me a hypochondriac, but I understand my life better when I think of my body in terms of vitamins, water, and the amount of sleep I'm getting. I recently discovered I have low hemoglobin, which results in being slightly anemic. This means I need more Iron. I also have symptoms that suggest I'm also not getting enough vitamin A. Internet research has informed me that having an iron deficiency can affect the metabolism of vitamin A. See, it's all linked? Symtoms of VAD include unhealthy cells around the eyes, poor night vision, and dry skin, all of which I have. I'm going to try to eat more beef and leafy greens here in Indy. I didn't cook meet much in my apartment, besides chicken. I don't know if I'm ready to cook a liver though, even though that's the best source of everything. I liked being vegetarian because I felt like I was more conscious about what I ate, but eventually I got too tired. And anemic. I've been taking grown up daily vitamins, but they taste so gross I'm switching to chewable kiddie vitamins. They're basically the same as the big ones, but less of a few things. I'll be packing lunch for school and I'm going to try to eat more fruit, which I've been serverely lacking since leaving the Philippines. Oh mangos, how I miss the... (an excellent source of A, btw)

Isn't it cool that God created us to enjoy getting the things our body needs? Water is just the most amazing thing. I love milk. Yay, calcium. I love orange juice (always with pulp). Mmmm vitamin C. Also, sushi anyone? :-)

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