Wednesday, February 18, 2009

bedtime yet?

The sun is now rising more than 10 minutes than it was 2 weeks ago. I always liked autumn better (or the fall semester, in college-speak), but the spring definitely has its bright charm. Like the sun rising earlier. Unfortunately it also brings allergies, the reason why my face is so itchy now. But it also brings rain, which reminds me of God's forgiveness.

On Sunday I went to Indy Alliance (an hour late but they were still deep in worship-- my kind of place). I'm anxious to listen to the MAC podcast and compare 1 Tim 6 sermon notes. An interesting note brought up was the story of Jacob and the whole wife-swapping episode with Laban. I've never thought about it quite like this before, but that was a serious case of injustice and Jacob was probably infuriated about it. Laban told him that if he worked for another 7 years, he could marry Rachel as well, which doesn't really make things better, probably worse in fact. But this is what we know about those years, where Jacob was living with the knowledge that he was deceived and he did not deserve to be working for Laban. We don't hear about him trying to get back or sulking; only that his love for Rachel made 7 years seem like no time at all. This gives me strength to live in this old, tired world, where "injustice" runs ramped, and it seems like the only thing that anyone does about it is complain about it. Soon and very soon we're going to see the King and may our love make the time seem to be only a few days...


jesse elisabeth said...

yup...that's what we heard about too :) i miss MAC with you :(

anita said...

soon and very soon! that was one of my favorite songs when i was little and first heard praise choruses like that in church.

amen. what a beautiful way to live. thanks for sharing that, Amy. love ;-)


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