Monday, February 9, 2009

Teenage Poetry

This is a poem I co-wrote with my friend Sandy many moons past. We sent it to a guy I liked at the time. Oh high school...

Sandy & I were apparently taking Spanish at the time (see our hot Latina names at the bottom, I'm Alba), so this must have been in 11th grade.

Hey there boy
We wanna know your ploy
Hows life's been for you
and wat ur gonna do~

You should be a doctor or a maid
Or a guy who makes Kool-aid
Or a guy who flies a plane
And doesn't die in vain

Not that ur gonna die, that is.
Your life is more than just a fiz,
Cuz you mean so much to us
And we hope you don't get hit by a bus

Just because someone's gone,
Doesn't mean they're gone for good.
You'll always stay within our hearts,
Ur in our brother/sisterhood!

Amy's hungry, Sandy too,
The sky outside is now not blue,
Cuz there's a typhoon coming our way
So we can't go outside to play!

We hope ur laughing at our poem
And very soon that you come home.
Whenever you feel sad or blue,
Read this poem we wrote for you :-)


Alba de la Manana y Estrella de la Noche

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Ian Kee said...

hahahaha. that's awesome.


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