Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I like truth, turtles, questions, the ocean, air, clean water, Autumn, inspiration, Asia, Russia, seeing the world, going to the theater or cinema, going on walks, praying, eating food with other people, Afghanistan, the color green, inspirational sports related movies, the scent of coconut, grace, Dostoevsky, b&w photographs, fruit and flowers found in the Philippines, collages, personality tests, art museums, public parks, having an opinion, hiking, my brothers, out of place people, eyes, stories, coffee, meaning something to someone, seeing the best in people, being taken care of, contributing, sharing, cooking, making things clean, having people stay at my house, externally processing, being touched, long conversations, cities, apartments, live music, being looked up to, being around inspiring people, being around rational people, trying on clothes, waking up early, thinking about the Self, constantly being in a state of love, nonconforming, and belonging.

I love Jesus and I'm trying to believe in what He puts in my path.

I miss memories and have a hard time letting them go.

I see endless possibilities and have a hard time choosing one thing.

I've never tried to break anyone's heart.

I get sad when I feel alone.

I don't really like when everyone has a laptop out, watching movies at home alone, writers' block, having my intentions misunderstood, communicating online, being too busy to read what I want to read, driving, feeling like I'm bothering people, not getting enough sleep, distractions when I'm in the zone, being criticized, being alone for too long, being the most mature one, or waking up too late.

These are working lists on self-definition. Just reading the "likes" one gives me warm fuzzies.

PS this site is hilarious

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