Monday, March 30, 2009

XaLBa for breakfast

ahhh finally! This computer speaks Hebrew and it has taken me a while to figure out how to sign in to blogspot. I'm having a splendid time here with Rebecca! The flight here was terrible (I'm pretty sure the space between seats on Delta must have shrunk about 6 inches since the last time I flew them), but I slept for about 9/12 hours. I arrived in TA at about 6:30pm and was a little nervous about taking a sherut to J after dark, but as soon as I got on, I recognized some student-types from the plane and it turned out another girl was going to JUC too, so I just followed her. I was greeted at JUC by Scottish dancing and baklava. The next day I accompanied Ru's Parables class on a trip to a nature preserve where plants of the Bible are studied. It was located about half an hour outside of J to the west. I learned the difference betwen a buttercup and the lily of the vally, shephered some sheeps, and walked around some ancient rocks. Last night Ru and I went to a fantastic coffeeshop/bookstore called Tmol Shimshol. I miss the funky coffeeshops in Nizhnii. Actually, this whole trip is making me miss my drygs & padrygas from Spring 2007.

Ru has a test today, so afterward we're going into the Old City to see the sights. She says this place is all about tourism and no one stays for very long. I remember meeting people who visited Beijing and suddenly realizing one that that they were going back to America (the land I only understood at the time to be filled with dreams, rainbows, Butterfingers, and movie theaters), and I had to stay. I don't know why her describing Jerusalem reminded me of all this, but I know that I am flying away on Friday and quite a few of the kids I've met here are exhibiting some of homesick symptoms I had as a 12-year-old.


momoscow said...

What an interesting trip you're having!
It took a while to get over the homesickness when we first moved to Beijing and when 'people from the outside world' came to visit. So, have you figured out 'normal' yet?
Don't forget you have 3 weeks to enjoy in the Motherland coming up...

indiana.amy said...

haha yes I remember when we used to call it "the outside world"

nothing is normal

and I am terribly excited for my next Russky adventure :-D


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