Thursday, April 16, 2009

Favorite song now..

Season Of Rain
by Josh Garrels

Praise the Lord, when it’s all gone wrong
Everything fades but our love shines on
Praise the Lord, when your hope is gone
Everything fades but our love shines on
Like waves on the ocean singing old songs
Like waves on the ocean breaking beyond

So faint the impatient can’t hear
The sound of the one without years
The culmination of every child’s tears
Form tide breaking on the eternal lands
Time stands still
In the moment when we are healed
I questioned if this was real
But then I opened up my heart and I could feel
The feather of a bird in the wind
Fire in the brush if we only
Speak when we must
A hush of heart will become a good treausure
Kept in a place without systems of measure
But as real as an undying love
We will discern what comes from above
Compared to that which could never be sustained
The season of rain will bring labor pain
But its end will be the most wonderful

Joy, Oh Lord

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The Inside Center (Matt Cullen) said...

Didn't read the song but wanted to boost your comment stats.


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