Monday, April 27, 2009

wblaaaaaaah! (lesson) writers block

I've been staring at the computer for about 2 hours, reading up on the Republic of China, Mao, People's Republic of China and all associated revolutions, and I can't think of any ways to share this knowledge with the kids. Senioritis is bad when you're a student, but it's worse when 170 seventh graders are depending on you to put on the Miss Wood Social Studies Show every day! Ok so think positivly... there are 27 days till graduation, taking out weekends 18 class days, or really only 9 blocks with each class because they meet every other day, minus days where we'll work on the final project... 6 lessons... ok this is manageable. Whew, way to calm down, self. So tomorrow, I'm being observed. And I need to do 4 journals + other education portfolio stuffs. And I'm driving up to Taylor again. And and... I want to be outside now :-D

Study Mao's Red Book! This poster came out when China and the USSR were still pretending to like each other, I'm guessing...

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