Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chinese poetry?

This just cracks me up... I gave an assignment to write a story about life in Ancient China based on what we know... one young lady turned in this :-P She and another girl also sang it in front of the class.

To the tune of "Sexy Back"

I'm bringing foot binding back (yeah)
All them poor ladies feet don't look like that (yeah)
It hasn't been around since the 1800's (yeah)
If you look at me I'll put my feet in your stomach (yeah)

Goin' to the Great Wall (uh huh uh huh)
It's really tall (uh huh uh huh)
Goin' to the rice farm (uh huh uh huh)
The poor be breakin' their arm (uh huh uh huh)

We're going to da club for the Lantern Festival,
so light it up (uh huh uh huh)

1 comment:

Ian Kee said...

hahahaha...that's awesome amy!


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