Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Look who's back...

I've {once again} got my life in a suitcase and I'm not feeling awesome just now. I want to throw everything away and break a window or something. Four months went by too fast. Five years went by... well, it took its time. I always knew this was going to come, but it's so strange that it's finally here- leaving Indiana, going off into the Great Unknown. I don't really have plans for life here on out, so if you want to hang out just let me know and be willing to make the trip to me sometimes.

Listening to: Alone in Kyoto {Air}


gabe T. said...

amy amy amy! yup, i have a blog! i prolly will start posting stuff about my life in singapore. have fun in Russia! :)

Ian Kee said...

yay sharkey!

The Inside Center (Matt Cullen) said...

I decided to go to college based off of that Skarkey. One tooth away and it would be a cardboard box. Yes, those were my two options.


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