Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nothing but thoughts

"I'm making coffee, would you like some?" are some of the loveliest words ever spoken.

I'm embarrassed by how poorly I speak Russian, and how undisciplined I have been to improve.

After this Friday, I will have no more assignments to turn in to the university. Ever.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, whatever that is.

I am starting to feel connected to my kids. I am seeing much more when they show me, most times unknowingly, their lives. I see their stories when I read their reflections, find notes they've passed, run into them in the halls, and grade their assignments. Each one is a novel unto his or herself.

I just watched Born into Brothels again. I want to take all the children to a better place and teach them that love can be real and that there is beauty everywhere. I want to take pictures again.

Good food day: I made a very good cup of coffee this morning and I had SUCCESS with naan tonight :-)

A year ago today, I gave my senior thesis presentation. I was looking forward to going to Europe and was about to watch my class graduate without me. Only 18 days till I finally make it woohoo!


momosocw said...

According to Redbook magazine Cinco de Mayo celebrates the day the Mexican army defeated the French invaders at the Battle of Puebla. 5/5/1862.

The Inside Center (Matt Cullen) said...

Why would you ever want to invade mexico.


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