Friday, June 5, 2009

Dreams of Soup(house)

I had the *CRAZIEST* dream last night... 

It was the end of the school year and I was one of the last ones in Upland to leave the Souphouse after we sorted it out and everything.  For some reason my family and a few random Taylor people were there too and we spend the last night there.  

We found all sorts of secret passages, and walls could open up to the outside (like that weird one in the living room), the stairway was bigger and wood, and the second floor was completely different with lime green walls.  I kept finding things that were mine from over the years, like bracelets, cds, clothes, that I had forgotten about.  They wanted to give it away and this one girl from my Fr & So year had a big box of things she was taking with some of my stuff in it.  I took everything that was mine back and told them not to sell it or give it away...

I was haunted by the ghosts of Soupies past, they were telling me their problems since leaving the Souphouse.  Even people I had heard about my freshman year who I never actually met were there, but I somehow knew who they were.  There wasn't anyone there who was new from the last 2 years that I saw.  

I'm attributing this dream to the fact that Ian recently put up pictures to a now empty, no-longer Souphouse...

The Souphouse was fantastic for me my freshman year.  As one of the only few people who remember it with girls, I will always cherish memories of those days close to my heart.  Lunches with Jenna, spending the night, dance parties, practicing Maahi Ve with way too many people in the living room, not being able to go up to the second floor ever, all the bread, the table in the living room, TV in the corner, watching my eyes change in the mirror in the bathroom, the stinky candle, Souphouse poetry, quote boards and books, sitting quietly in the empty house more than once as one or another change was slipping through my hands.  I continued to love it as it changed, sometimes in directions I didn't agree with or like, and sometimes hurt that it was moving without me.  {I confess I've probably always been a little mad since boys moved in because we couldn't have dance parties anymore...} Corner of 2nd and Taylor, some may never know what you have meant to me over the years, or what {irrational} frustrations you have caused as I tried to grasp {too} tightly who you were, instead of letting you grow as needed.  Now you are no more, yet I still will always remember and love you.


gabe T. said...

very touching entry Amy. :)

the house is gone, but the spirit remains... and the t-shirts should still be going around the world! :)

it's kinda sad, but i'm really glad that the house has been blessings to people for as long as it could.

Jeff said...

crazy dream!


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