Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mouths closed, eyes here, please!

Today I magically returned into my alter ego- Miss Wood. I'm subbing 6 & 7th grade science, so I spent the day explaining independent and dependent variables. Unfortunately I forgot how much using a teacher voice takes out of me and I promptly fell asleep as soon as I got home to the tunes of Dido (ok ate a brownie and ice cream while watching Say Yes to the Dress, and I walked around the block with Mom first). Three glorious hours later I awoke refreshed and had dinner on the patio with Mom (ie salsa, chips, Camembert, crackers, and wine).

Something that always puzzled me during student teaching was that I got crazy cravings for chocolate. I have, despite my gender, never really loved or craved chocolate in my life, but I had to keep a supply with me during those 4 months. As soon as it ended, so did the cravings. During my second class today, they returned. Strange, no? During my semester abroad in Nizhni I developed an appreciation, to say the least, for dark chocolate, which is probably the most common here. Yet on Sunday I discovered chocolate мята (mint), which I had never seen here before, and it's actually amazingly delicious. I think I'll be making a trip back to that store very soon...


Anonymous said...

Perfect!!! Yes, please come back to SF and we'll go to Ghiradelli. :) Miss you!!

indiana.amy said...

ahhh that would be wonderful!


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