Monday, November 23, 2009

Hansel & Gretel (aka Ben & Amy)

Ben is visiting me!!! And the rest of the family. We took the metro to Metropolis mall for lunch.

Conversation at lunch-
Ben: So who do you hang out with here?
Me: I've met some cool people... most of them are dating people or are married, and have masters, so it's kind of weird.
Ben: Wait, what did you get?
Me: Two bachelors.
Ben: Ah, so it seems you need a bachelor.

Smart, Ben.

The afterward we decided to walk back through the forest. This is the story of a lot of mud:

So... just wondering, my faithful readers, which is better: picasa slide-shows or just posting the pictures?


anna said...

the picasa slideshow is awesome! much more viewer-friendly than scrolling all the way down the page. i need to figure out how to do that on my blog...

Эми said...

if you have a gmail account (which you do because you have a blogspot account) just sign in and upload the picture. Then copy the url for the slideshow. I googled how to do it :)

Leah Dumey said...

ha it's funny because I feel the same way about everyone being married or having a masters...we should find some the club...

Эми said...

Leah, I had a feeling we were gonna be friends :-)

Ian Kee said...

i like just posting photos better. i don't bother to click videos most of the time. haha.

Leah Dumey said...

right? Because how can two people that both love How I Met Your Mother NOT be friends? :)


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