Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arizona: The photos practically take themselves here

Here I arrived at 10pm and the same night went to an indie show, and sang BGV in a blues band.  I went to church, ate a bagel, talked about boys, batted at a batting cage, browsed a used bookstore, drank tea, played acoustic Neutral Milk Hotel songs on guitar and sang with Christine, watched good movies ("Precious"), watched bad movies ("Vicky Cristina Barcelona" & "The Hangover"), and drank wine.  Then I cleaned egg off a house, shopped till I dropped (don't worry I remembered mac & cheese), bought Tommy birthday presents, searched high and low for hair products, drank coffee, and rerouted packages.  Finally, I brunched at La Grande Orange, shot guns in the desert with Andrew Shaver, climbed Hole in a Rock mountain, watched a sunset, learned secrets, dined at Tarbell's, packed a suitcase to 48lbs, AND woke up at 4:30am to catch a flight. AAAAAND I had an nary a dull moment in this long weekend with my BFF, Christine ;-) xoxo

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CQ said...

Wow! And you shoot pistols too! My kinda girl. :-) Seems like you are doing very well in your life, Amy. love ya,
Uncle Chuck


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