Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a weekend should be

Happy Tuesday!  I had a very good weekend- adequate time for socializing and alone-time, but maybe a little less sleep than I would have liked.  On Friday, having the house to myself, I had a little party.  We made curry, drank wine, and played Mafia.  With an Italian, a Russian, a Brit, a bunch of Americans, and a Turkmen-woman, this was undoubtedly one of the most interesting games I'd ever played. Several people spent the night and the last guest left at 1:30pm the next day.
 (Leah, Becca, me, & Kristin)
 The rest of Saturday was nice to have to myself, since I had had a long week teaching.  Xiao Mei and I watched reality TV together and ate humus (she got a dog cookie) and it was wonderful. I also created a carmalized apple onion chicken dish that was delicious.

On Sunday I went to church and taught Sunday School and then went to dinner and a show with friends (music! lights! dancing!).  I have such cool friends here; this whole weekend made me very thankful of that.  My dad and Tommy got home from Poland that evening, too.  I woke up the next morning slightly deaf and sore throated.
The Royal
 James & Alistair
Me, Rick & Ayna 
Rick & Ayna
Monday was Women's Day, a national holiday here and elsewhere.  We took Tommy to Mega Mall to buy a cell phone for his birthday. So now it's Tuesday and I thankfully don't have work and can recover from this wonderful weekend :-)
My Women's Day flowers from my dad :-)


The Inside Center (Matt Cullen) said...

Mama and I had a wondrous time reading your blog, which was, this time, a real blog post.

Love from 3/6 of the fam!

Anonymous said...

The frontman of the Royal is from my church :) He invited me to come, but I wasn't able.

Are you Amy kind of fan of the band or you were at the gig just by accident?
I could acquaint you, you know ;-)

Max R.

Эми said...

I am friends with the Royal's manager. We work at the same school. I met the singer at a show last autumn :-)


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