Monday, June 21, 2010

Unholy Contact

When I was in 9th grade I went to a youth group in Beijing called Potter's Wheel.  At one Wednesday night meeting we were supposed to discuss in small groups things that made us feel "holy" or "unholy."  Then we all came back and talked about it with everyone.

The most common answers for "holy" were things like reading your Bible, praying, talking to friends about God, etc.  For "unholy," people said things like sinning, lying, and forgetting to read your Bible.  Except for one guy, whose answer I'll always remember.  He said, "I feel unholy when I have a contact that won't go in."  I thought that is so true!

I woke up this morning about 20 minutes before we all went to church.  I seriously needed coffee and my right contact wouldn't go in.  Well, it went in, but hurt like crazy and I didn't have time to go into battle with it right then.  So I drove to church (one-eyed) with my cousin Renee and was kind of out of it the whole service.  Then we went to Sunday School and I still hadn't fully woken up.  And my eye still hurt.

After that we had only a couple of minutes before we had to rush over to Maple Street Baptist, the church that sponsors Joshua Christian Academy, so that my cousin Abby could recite some verses with other students for their service.  The kids did a fantastic job (I'm not sure I can recite the 10 Commandments, Psalms 1 and 23, and sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic!).  But I was in a really bad mood and felt incredibly impatient with the kids.  Despite it being Sunday and going to 2 churches,  I felt quite unholy.  On the drive home, I had to take a few deep breaths and assess the situation.  Why was I feeling so crabby?  Was I having a spiritual crisis?  What was the real problem?

The answer: my unholy contact.

Once I had identified that as the main cause of my anxiety, it was a lot easier to deal with everything.  I've even had a pretty good day since then.  I didn't feel holy (or happy), but that didn't mean that something was deeply wrong.  It was just a matter of not freaking out over how I was feeling and addressing the real problem, which was easily fixed. 

So what makes you feel unholy?  What do you do about it?

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