Thursday, July 8, 2010

The one day flood

So I'm home for a while.  And by home I mean my secret home in Iowa where all my possessions collect like a museum of my life, all the photographs and memories crammed into one upstairs room of an old farmhouse that I periodically sort through and fall into nostalgia.  I wanted to write about this today, but a few things came up...

After a long drive through the back roads of Wisconsin and Iowa, I arrived home to my mom and Tommy.  We ate dinner at Grandma Norma's next door and picked green beans and cabbage from her garden because she said it was going to rain the next day.  I was so happy to have a few quiet, uneventful days.


First, there was the flooding this morning.
By afternoon the rain had subsided, but there was still water in our basement and Grandma's, too.  Our basement is very dingy and I go down there as little as possible, but I managed to take a couple pictures from the stairs.
Then Grandma Norma twisted her ankle on a step going to her basement.  My mom took her to the ER for x-rays, but they couldn't tell what was wrong.  We're going to a foot specialist in Cedar Rapids tomorrow.

So like I said, quiet and uneventful...

I also made banana bread and researched family genealogy today, while watching Little House on the Prairie, and 4 episodes of M*A*S*H with Grandpa Jim while my mom and grandma were at the ER.

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