Monday, August 9, 2010

World News: Smoggy Moscow

So, here is the news from my beloved Moscow while I've been out for the summer.  Record high temperatures and out of control forest fires have made everything smoggy and unbearably hot.  Just check out the images in this Reuters video.

Although the US State Department is discouraging travel to Russia, top doctors want foreigners to know that it's not too bad.  The school year at the school where I work will even be starting one week later due to the situation.  Here's a picture of how icky the atmosphere is there (credits to Miss Paula who is braving it out!)...
My dad went back there on Friday and says he's the only one without a face mask when he leaves the house to walk the dog.  My mom was supposed to go back on Thursday, but since school is starting later, she's coming back with Tommy and me on August 22.  I hope some "wind of change" take it all away before then! 

My cousin Jim sent me this article, that included this ironic little quip:
"It's just impossible to work," said Moscow resident Mikhail Borodin, in his late 20s, as he removed a mask to puff on a cigarette. "I don't know what the government is doing, they should just cancel office hours."
Perhaps this is Nature's way of getting back at Moscow for seeding clouds...

Tommy and I have been scoping the Internet for news, and he just told me that Nizhnii Novgorod is one of the worst hit areas. 
Source: NY Times

Pray for Rain!

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Anonymous said...

I love that quote of the guy removing his face mask to smoke a cigarette! What's the point of the mask if you are filling your lungs with smoke anyway? It is really bad here. I would wait as long as possible to come here. I tried to change my ticket, but could not, so here I am suffering in the heat with no air-conditioning and no way to cool off my apartment and keep it smoke-free. Gail


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