Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Despite what you may think, 4:30am is a great time of the day.  Especially if you're involuntarily waking up due to a condition that I just learned is also known as desynchronosis

So besides looking up different ways to say "jet lag," yesterday and today I have done the following things between the hours of 4:30am and 10:00am:

- Learned how to make delicious scrambled eggs (the key is heating the pan with butter and  sour cream, keep them moving with a rubber spatula, and don't add salt & pepper till almost the end)
- Cooked Tommy fried rice
- Played poker with oatmeal cream pies
- Listened to podcasts
- Downloaded new music
- Took my dog for a walk
- Uploaded and edited photos
- Took a nap
- Got a job
- Dyed Tommy's hair


momoscow said...

Amy, it's 2:45 am and your still asleep. Come make me some of those eggs!
And congrats on the job--hope we have lunch together. :-)

The Inside Center (Matt Cullen) said...

Wow! Those pictures look just like the ones of Ben and I when we were teens! We died our hair the same color, methinks.


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