Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding #4

I'm at a hotel in Mansfield, Ohio, and there is a pad of paper next to me that says "thought pad."  what am I thinking now?

i'm thinking that the wedding today was pretty great.  my cousin, Tim, is a great guy and I can tell that his new wife is a really sweet, dedicated person and they're going to be really happy together.  it was so fun to see my extended family again and we had a good time at the wedding, and afterward playing cards and getting dinner.

I'm thinking about my wedding, on 11/11/11.  Groom TBD.

i'm thinking about how great is the new Arcade Fire album, especially the first 8 songs which are all I've heard so far.

i'm thinking about the book i just bought, Hipster Christianity.  Yes, I actually bought this book.  I was initially hesitant, but upon further inspection I discovered that a.) it is actually about something meaningful, not just satire or shallow observations of hipsters, b.) the font looked like a book I would have read in college, and c.) I opened it up to a random page that was describing the different type of hipsters and one was called "Expats;" it went on to reference Rilke, Lost in Translation, the band Air, and H&M.  After reading the introduction and first chapter, I am not disappointed with the purchase. 

I'm thinking how I started out writing in all lowercaps, but quit because I couldn't take the incorrect punctuation.

And now I'm thinking I want to go to sleep.

1 comment:

Leah said...

I like this a lot because I can't take incorrect punctuation, either.

And the new Arcade Fire is really good.

And I can't wait to see you!


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