Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teaching Day Therapy

Today it was Tortilla Soup.  And it was delicious. Usually I make cookies after a long day at work, but I think I'm going to do another run next weekend.

Speaking of running, I ran 10 whole kilometers one week and two days ago!  It was completely voluntarily- no bears were chasing me.  Well, I guess technically I was "voluntold" because one Friday I came home and my dad said, "I signed us up to run the 10K this Sunday!" and that was that.  I had wanted to do it- when I was actually running on a regular basis waaaaay back in the first part of the summer.  The Moscow Peace Marathon, of which I ran 10 kilometers, began at St. Basil's Cathedral and went along the Moscow river, so it's pretty cool just to say I did it.

The Dadster and me before the run.  I should send this to the Taylor Alumni.
Fact: I had never run 10 kilometers at one time in my life.
Booooyah.  Yeah, I just ran a 10K AND I got a picture next to the most iconic symbol of Russia.  And my mom rang a cowbell in my honor.

Tonight I didn't go to my Young Adults Bible Study (I like to call it Yabs in my head...).  Some icky sickness is going around and I couldn't muster the energy to get there, which is sad, because sometimes in Moscow you don't get to do what you want just because it takes so stinkin' long to get places.  Like, if I had a car and there wasn't the crazy traffic, I totally would have been there.  I drove half an hour to get to church (and everywhere else) the whole time I was in college, but it was through peaceful country back roads and not no-left-turns-allowed-ever Moscow.  So I stayed home and made soup.

Tangent: why are Tuesdays the hardest?  Mondays always take more energy than you think but there's a residual relaxation from Saturday and Sunday, so it's not so bad.  And by Wednesday it's already Hump Day, so you can start looking forward to the next weekend.  Thursdays are my favorite day, because the next day is Friday and after school I can see my friends.  But then there are Tuesdays, and they're packed and exhausting.  I had some crazy insomnia Sunday night and only got about an hour of sleep total.  My kiddos turned in a big project yesterday, and I need to grade it.  Whew, so yes, this Tuesday I am tired.

I kind of wondered if I'd feel a skipping-church-guilt for missing Yabs.  I don't really, though.  I more have the sleep-is-my-biggest-spiritual-need feeling where I just want to sit in silence and remember that God is still there and loves me when I'm running on empty.

If you have not heard Dancing in the Minefields, you simply must.  The bridge is the part that really gets me.  It's so good and the video is perfect.

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