Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue Devil for a day

A coffeeshop!  My computer!  A paper to write!  I'm back in college!

Except I'm also writing report cards and can't stop missing my kiddos. 

Some things never change- it has taken me a while to actually get focused enough to start working.  I'm already halfway through the Rock of Ages soundtrack (which I've been pretty much addicted to lately). 

October, where have you gone?  You brought me a Boyz II Men concert,
An All Things Autumn party,

and many more fun times in Moscow.

I'm in the US now for the infamous 90-day-visa-run.  I flew into Orlando, spent Halloween at Universal Studios, and now I'm visiting a friend at Duke.  I'm enjoying the sun, pumpkin chai lattes, riding in a car, hearing English, and generally being in a place where things work and every pretty much convenience is available.  Oh yes, and Happy Election Day!  I totally voted- take that, demographic trends.

Ok, back to work...

1 comment:

momoscow said...

we need to have a pumpkin spice latte together!


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