Friday, December 31, 2010

It was a good Christmas

It was a snowboarding in Utah, 42 inches of falling snow, bake off where everyone wins, love to my family, love from my Savior, Christmas Eve service and crazy wrapping paper throwing during the every growing cousins gift exchange, waking to cinnamon rolls and lots of cousins kind of Christmas.  It was pretty much the best kind. 

I actually miss Christmas and the anticipation of it all.  It’s a good thing we start celebrating in November.  There’s no way we’d be able to fit in all the joy if we only started after Thanksgiving. 

Now it’s a much needed haircut, sitting by the fire, singing carols at the retirement home, custard and coffee, shop till you drop, cousins from the other side, games every night, trying to get the Christmas letter postmarked before 2011 week in-between Christmas and New Years.

I spent the morning doing things to bring in a good new year: resume updating, moving around money, planning, praying, and journaling. 

I’m ready to leave the snow for a tropical vacation after the New Year…

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