Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xiao Mei, Metro Christmas Trees, and other Decemberisms

Well not too much/a lot has happened lately (depending on which hour you ask me).  I feel like this blog is about my travels and life in Moscow and I haven't done much of either.  No traveling in the past... 3 weeks.  And not much Moscow living, because I've been either working or sleeping. I took a week off from social life 2 weeks ago.  It was really, really cold that week too.  But I've been out more this week.  I know this is totally a blogging cop-out, but here are some pictures to speak for what I've been up to lately.

So since December has began, we've celebrated Xiao Mei's 7th birthday,
 and decorated the Christmas tree!
I had dinner at ГУМ with a friend on Wednesday and was delighted to see their spectacular Christmas decorations, including this Metro-themed tree,
and a lot of other trees too,
a castle/slide in the middle of the mall,
 and fancy gingerbread (not really) houses.
I have 4 more days of teaching 6th grade Humanities, and 5 days until I fly to the US!

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