Sunday, January 9, 2011

"You can never go home."

I've been back four days and it's not home.  But I'm still having a good time.  I forgot how late nights go here.  I haven't gone to bed before 1:30am.  The first night a we watched a friend's band, the second night we went to my friend Sharlene's wedding and danced late into the night, and last night dinner and a movie with friends turned into a bizarre evening of Catholic youth group and San Mig Lite.  This is Never Never Land.

Today we're going to church in Makati and then somewhere with Christine's family to go swimming.  Yesterday we stayed in bed most of the day.  My first day we had lunch at Cibo which thankfully has not changed a bit.  Mostly things are the same.  The weather is the same always- around 85/29, high humidity, chance of rain.  I've heard the same The Corr's song five times that was big 10 years ago.  For the most part the fashion is the same.  There have been some renovation changes to Alabang Town Center, but it's basically the same.  Everything smells the same it always did.

What has changed?

I'm different.  And I see it all through different eyes.  Eyes that ask the question, "Could I live here again?"  I feel a lot of peace here.  I remember parts of my soul that came alive here.  I grew up a lot here.  But I like where else I've been and where I am now.

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