Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am so quiet now.  In public, on a bus, in a cafe, I don't say very much.  I am used to not knowing the language and concentrating very hard for non-verbals or key words or context.  I am used to being secretly different.

I am on a journey that will take me by plane and car to people I love and want to know more.  These journeys fill my soul like a tank of ethanol-based fuel.  They make me go, but are highly controversial with regards to the long-term benefits.

I am quiet, but my head is full; as is my heart.  We understand the reasons why, acknowledge the pain we are enduring, and possess the courage it takes to breathe.  


anna said...

volim te, amy. did you see you're on my blog??? i used a few of your fotos..hope that's okay. hope your travels are going so well. mir, draga moja

Anonymous said...



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