Monday, April 4, 2011

A jolting halt before continuing on her way

The whirlwind travel has caught up with me and now I realize that miss people.

A lot.

I've had a slow weekend.  Some very wonderful things happened, but my spirit feels heavy and tired.  I saw a picture of a friend and me from two weeks ago and I realized how much ground I covered in a very short time.  It's so difficult to be human and do the right thing when you're tired.

In the week since I've come back, I've really pushed it to make up for lost work hours.  Too much to do; mind spinning too fast to sleep.  Maybe it's just time for a good cry...  I have one week to get myself together before another flight.  But this one will be a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage, and hopefully I will return with a healed heart.

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