Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Walk Through Kolomenskoye Park

We have had amazing weather in Moscow lately!  So lovely in fact that the last few days I have sat outside sans coat and read in the sun.  Lovely.

Saturday my friends Amber and Kristin and I went on a walk around Kolomenskoye Park.  Kristin's friend Aileen joined us.  It was the day before Easter and people were lined up outside Orthodox churches to have their Easter cakes blessed before the big all nighter.  I did not stay up all night to celebrate Easter, btw, but I did watch The Passion of the Christ, bake monkey bread for my family, go to church, and then we grilled out for the first time this spring.

At the park...

 So cool, right?  The hip kids on rollarblades
 Hey you're not supposed to be in our picture...

From that view, we all had a "Wow, we get to live in Moscow..." moment.  And anyone who has spent time here knows, you really need those moments to get you through all the "Why do we live in Moscow?"s  This is why the great weather has been so good for the spirit of this city.  You can tell people have more energy, are more willing to leave their homes and be outside.

And then we saw someone trying to parachute from the ground.  It was an unsuccessful attempt.

And finally, we saw a guy doing headstands.

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