Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On getting myself to the airport

I've had the craziest morning.  I'm trying to get from Salt Lake City, Utah to Portland, Oregon.  So I woke up and cleaned the house, and packed lunch with the left over food and took off for the airport.  I realized about 10 mins into the drive to the airport that I had forgotten my rain jacket- it's very cute and I just got it.  Since I won't be coming back to the house till December, I figured it was worth it and went back only to find out that my mom had given me the wrong key to the door!  (She and Tommy left yesterday for Iowa).  So not only did I not get my jacket, I was late getting to the airport. 

Then I had to return the rental car which involved a.) finding a gas station near the airport, b.) filling the tank, and c.) return the rental. 
So here's what happened:
a.) I couldn't find a gas station and spent 10 mins driving around.
b.) I couldn't figure out how to get the gas tank open.  There wasn't a button in the car and no way to open it, so I called my mom, who called my uncle who has this car, and eventually found out I needed to PUSH on the tank cover to open it.  20 mins wasted.
c.) I went to the wrong rental place.  Add 10 mins.

Needless to stay, I missed my flight.  I checked-in just as it was leaving.  BUT the people were really, really nice about it, and since I'm just taking a short flight (seriously, it's like an hour long), and they have many flights going there each day, I just got put on the next one for free!  Yay!  Finally something good to say about Delta.  Next stop: lunch.

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Alana said...

Wow honey, you seem much more ok with all of this than I'm sure I would've been. Such a sweet girl, you are. =)


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