Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have a very busy Saturday, in terms of "stuff" I need to do. This must be differentiated from "places" I need to be. I am actually quite relaxed now. I got a headache from 4 hours of sleep, but that can be taken care of with a simple nap. I have to write support letters for my Spring Break trip, but that can be done while doing something mindless (ie watching a movie). Speaking of giving me money to help Russian orphans, you can do that here. Just put in my name and Russia by the Spring Break option.

And finally, I think this is Really funny, like I'd probably use it in my future classroom funny (what? American children don't ever get taught about Norway and Sweden? They will in my room). Click on it to make it bigger for the full effect.


Hombreverde said...

:D Sounds like a plan.

Ian Kee said...

naked saunas, vodka, porno...don't you think that's a little generalization against sweden? ;)

Erik said...

Architecture in Helsinki! Great band. Well, their sophomore album was at least. Not much can be said for their bookends. It is amusing how both have a death metal obsession. Nightwish anyone?


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