Friday, July 11, 2008

Fridays are Happy

I forgot to tell this story before. It happened Wednesday. I was dragging my feet in between lunch and my conversation class at 2... I really didn't want to go. It takes me 10 mins to walk to the academic building, each way, and I make it at least twice a day. But I sighed and went, and yes I am so glad that I went. I walk in and hear the familiar appeal "start wearing..." Yes, indeed, we were watching the video of Start Wearing Purple in because of its Russian content. It was magical. After the video the rest of class was spend translating Russian from the film "Everything is Illuminated." It was a great class.

Today we had a Russian test and class didn't start till 10, after which my class and I went to a good place in town for brunch. I had probably the best pancakes of my life, fyi. Definitely the place to be. Later today I'm going to watch a movie and hang out with friends. I have a few options for things to do tonight, so we'll see where it goes... or where I go :-)

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