Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Face

I changed the background to this page. The cornfield has needed to go for a while. Instead, I chose the color blue to represent the sky-as-the-limit feelings I've been having lately.

Also, as a postlude to my blog on trying not to waste time (yeah, right), here are my favorite videos on youtube at the moment:

The sexiest dance alive, the Tango (disclamer: muy caliente. Here's the G-rated version: Tango)

A short, yet mesmerizing video of West Coast Swing -I could totally do this, but you know, I've been learning East Coast Swing... =)

But if you just choose one of these to watch, I beg of you please let it be this. One of the most beautiful things you'll ever watch: Russian animated films- "Seasons" featuring the genius of Tchaikovsky.

And finally, 4th of July pictures...

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