Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going to conquer new frontiers

Christine and I have been to Indiana and stayed with 2 families dear to my heart. I went to a wedding and spent time with lots of old friends, dancing to 90's pop. My soul has been refreshed by conversations and assurances, new music, sights, and rediscovering America. Speeding through the mountains, Bloc Party blasting, talks about the future, and past, and the postmodern, falling in love with random little towns like Zanesville and Friendsville, and impulsively jumping into a river in West Virginia. We are near DC now and plan on looking at a couple schools for Christine and enjoying the East Coast flavor. Christine says she has yet to see a white person here, I'm assuming besides me.

I just realized I would be a bad spy if I ever tried to be elusive about my whereabouts.


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