Monday, August 31, 2009

Day by day by day by day

I always think of random things I want to say on here, but then I don't write them down so I forget. I don't want to divulge too many of my plans for the week, because I want to be able to talk about them after they happen. Sometimes it seems to me that the more you talk about the future, the more likely it is that the plans aren't going to work out. So I do have a pretty full week, except for today.

I got a Russian sim card for my inherited iPhone. Have I mentioned the ironies of my life? I'm probably the last person to want an iPhone and here I have it. I'm grateful to have a phone, but I'd be just as happy with my little phone I got 2 yrs ago (the equivalent of $43 USD), whose only cool feature is the ability to text in Cyrillic. Так.

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The Inside Center (Matt Cullen) said...

I miss Indiana Amy and her corn.

And btw, I busted out the DC Talk the other day on the ride to church and thought about when we were kids and I would rap for you.


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