Friday, August 28, 2009

The end? Nah...

As I become repatriated into the expatriate community, I am faced with a serious dilemma. Am I still indiana.amy? I've thought about starting a new blog, but I do have an older blog about adventures in Mother Russia that I could revitalize... I haven't touched it since July 22, 2007.

But I cannot. I could say that my soul has been infused with corn and fields from my time spent in the land of Up and that I could never escape my destiny to be indiana.amy, but really it's just too much of a hassle to change sites.

The irony of my life is that I hate long-distance, internet-only relationships and it now seems the only way I have to keep in contact with my friends is to glue myself to a computer. This is probably why letter writing has become my latest obsession, and I would be truly grateful if I did receive a few back. Still, it is inevitable that in order to preserve friendships (and until I make some real live friends here) time online must be spent. I am thus setting up ground rules for myself, such as:

- Any time I sign into facebook, I must write real messages on at least 2 people's walls. Picture comments do not count.
- Any days where online time exceeds 2 hours, I must blog (if only to prove that my mind has been working)
- No unpremeditated TV (not that I have access to much, being located where I am)
- Avoid wikipedia at all costs

I'm also confessing an increasingly noticeable obsession for reading other people's blogs, particularly those from places I want to go (I'm talking to you, Afghanistan).

And, I'm just saying that several friends have not updated their blogs in a while, not naming names (everyone listed to the right!!!)... ;-)

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